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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


July has been a very busy month for this Jester.

Some highlights have included:

Performing my new street act at the Granborough Charter Fayre. I was rather nervous about this as it is circus and juggling based rather than magic (which I think is my strong point) - However, all went really well and I really enjoyed myself. By the time my show finished with the balance/juggling finale I had gathered a good crowd. It is always really nice to perform on my home turf amongst the people that have watched me grow up and develop into the performer that I am today. Most of them knew me from when I was younger and truly awful. They were patient and put up with me doing rubbish shows at youth club etc. Hopefully this show was a demonstration of how far I have come and that their time and patience was appreciated.

Opening the Tingewick Beer Festival with John Bercow MP. Shortly after Mr Bercow was elected Speaker of the House of Commons I met up with him at Tingewick Fete and Beer Festival and together we opened the event. He did an introduction and encouraged people to spend money at the stalls to support the village and the local causes. He then handed over to me and I declared the event open. It was really enjoyable to be part of the process and John is a nice chap, despite what members of his own political party may say about him.

Sponge Bob Day at Paradise Wildlife Park. This event has been one of my favourite so far this year. It is always a pleasure to work for Jay Fortune (magician and top chap!) and at The Paradise Wildlife Park, which is one of my favourite places to see animals. This event was raising money for three different charities and I spend the day wandering around the park making balloon animals I also worked with some other really good and really friendly entertainers. It was a fun event to work and I believe we raised quite a lot for three very worthwhile causes.

Later in the month I will be appearing at the Buckingham Festival Fortnight Fun Day doing various shows, workshops and jesting in the town centre. That is on Sunday 19th July, if you are in the area, please do stop by. There will be a lot going on and lot's of different performances by lot's of different performers too.

Also, I will be appearing over in Woburn doing strolling entertainment and various shows for them. Hopefully all will go well and the weather will stay nice for us. Hope some of you can make it there too!

To top it all off I am finding time to put together the show for August. Everything is starting to take shape and it won't be long until I am in the theatre in Barons Court for 12 shows in August. Please, please, please do come and show some support. A lot of the material is brand new and your comments would be appreciated. It is the only way I can improve, to get the honest comments of those that will give them. It starts on 12th August and you can find tickets at www.lastminute.com - do a search for Barons Court Jester and you should find some cheap as chips tickets for you.

Updates soon!

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