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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Following ye olde red nose.

I don't have one of those typical stories where I left a high powered city career to take up entertainment, nor did I entertain at my own kids parties and listen to the advice of a neighbour who suggested to "go professional" - mainly because I have never had a real job or children of my own. I have always been an entertainer, if I am honest, I firmly believe that it is something that you are born to do. That phrase is banded around a lot - "A born entertainer" - I don't think it is anything that can be taught or learned. Improved through study and training, yes, but not learned, not from scratch. I consider myself to be exceptionally lucky that I have been born into one of the best professions in the world.

So, why did I decide to do the Jester gig? Well, one of my slightly geeky tendancies is toward history, especially when I can link it to my passion for magic and entertainment generally. I have always really enjoyed the middle ages and the medieval periods of English history and Jesters obviously played a massive part in that. It was a natural process to go from an interest in history to the history of the entertainment industry to Jesters. Some research led me to the links to The First Duke of Buckingham and Archy Armstrong, the King's Jester. A proposal to the Town Council and they agreed it would be a good idea. So the Jester of Buckingham was born.

I have found it a very natural character to slip into. I guess that there was perhaps a part of my personality that wanted to be one, I have always admired those that can clown and those that can amuse with silly antics, slapstick humour and wit, The Jester is the father of those traditions. To be one, an officially appointed Jester for the town of Buckingham, is a great honour and it is something that I am very proud of. I hope that in my time, serving the community in both charity work and public shows that I can raise some money, spread some joy and create some happiness along the way.

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