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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Salutations one and all

Good Evening everyone. Jester of Buckingham here.

I thought that it was about time I leapt out of the Middle Ages and into the new century by starting one of these blogs. I will be keeping you updated with all that is going on in the Jestering world, the shows I am doing, the places I am appearing and generally whatever thoughts cross my juggling-addled brain.

So, what is happening at the moment?

In about a week the brand spanking (oooerr!) new Jester website will be launched. It is all being kept top secret at the moment but I have high hopes! I hope that you like it too.

April Fool's day is fast approaching and to mark the passing of the best day in the English Calander (although as a professional fool I am slightly bias) I will be performing an intimate (ooooeerr again!) show in The Old Gaol in Buckingham. It is a strictly limited event and all for charity. So, if you fancy spending April Fool's Day with a genuine fool (and they don't get much more foolish I assure you!) then please make it known very soon indeed!

That is all for now. Back to the studio. A Jesters work is never done (but always fun!)


  1. At last some real tomfoolery (where did that phrase come from?) and some appropriate silliness to brighten these interesting times. I look forward to hearing your jesterly thoughts on all things current.

  2. Thank you Steve, I will look into the phrase Tomfoolery and get back to you. I have an incling that it is something to do with a particular Jester but I need to double check my sources.